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    Organic Remedy Kombucha Shots (Immune+) - Australia (60ml)

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Country of Origin: Australia

Packing Specs: 60 ml bottle

Product Description:

A powerful long-aged kombucha brew, boosted with natural vitamin-rich ingredients.

Citrus to the max! This flavour can be likened to the crowd favourite lemon and lime cordial. Full of juicy lemon and lime flavour with notes of fragrant lemongrass.

Kombucha (pron: kom-boo-cha) is fermented tea. The traditional method of making kombucha – which we follow at Remedy – involves a natural fermentation of sweet tea, wild healthy bacteria and yeasts for 30 days. The result is a tasty drink with sweet and sour flavours that contains healthy, living cultures (aka good bacteria) and organic acids that are good for your gut and overall wellbeing.