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    Baked Mooncake & Pomelo Set - Box of 4 & 1 pcs

  • $68.00


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Country of Origin: Mooncakes (Locally Produced in Singapore) & Pomelo (Ipoh Malaysia) 

Packing Specs: Box of 4pcs of Premium Baked White Lotus Paste Mooncakes with Double Yolk & 1pcs of Pomelo Ipoh Tambun.

Product Description:

These premium Baked Mooncakes are from the only Local Mooncake Confectionary featured in Michelin Digital Guide Singapore 2016/2017. 

They come in the classic smooth White Lotus Paste, featuring everyone's favourite combination of double yolk. 

The pomelo comes from Ipoh Malaysia and feature a light pink hue to its juicy flesh. 

Other things to note: 

- No pork, no lard (Not halal-certified)

- No preservatives

- No added sugar
- Handcrafted