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    Modern Mum Fresh Pumpkin - Cut & Washed (350 gm)

  • $3.50


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Country of Origin: Prepared in Singapore

Packing Specs: Pack of 350 gm

Product Description:

Pumpkins are farily large "fruits" with smooth, firm skin that's lined with vertical indentations and is connected to a short, rough, light-brown stem. The thick, dense, flesh is light orange when ripe and surrounds a large cavity containing stringy pulp and many large, flat, cream-colored seeds. When cooked, pumpkin flesh is tender and offers a mild taste with sweet and nutty flavors. With Modern Mum, the pumpkins come cut and washed. Just open, cook and enjoy!


At YayaPapaya, our packers painstakingly survey each fruit individually so you get only the best, quality fruit. No scrubs allowed.
May the Fruits be with You.