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    Oranges on Clearance - 3 kg

  • $5.95


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Package Description

Looking to get oranges but not a stickler for quality or freshness? Check out our oranges on clearance! Oranges here have been rejected for being overripe, having too many blemishes, discolourations, spoilt patches, bruises and basically not being up to standard. You get 3 kg worth of rejected oranges when you buy this package. There may be multiple varieties of oranges from different countries and brands. Strictly no refunds or replacements will be given, buy at your own risk.


Please note the following:

  • There will be strictly no refunds or replacements given for this package.
  • You cannot choose the oranges. All defective oranges provided will be dependant on what's rejected on the day. 
  • You may receive multiple varieties of oranges from different countries and brands. 
  • The defective oranges will be delivered in 1 big plastic bag.
  • This is a clearance package. Buy at your own risk.