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Apple Red Pacific Rose 120s - New Zealand (Pack of 4)

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Country of Origin: New Zealand  

Packing Specs: Pack of 4 pcs (120s Standard Size) 

Product Description: 

The Pacific Rose™ Apple has a distinctive, clear rose-pink skin. The flesh is firm, crisp and juicy with a rich-sweet taste. 

Pacific Rose™ apples, botanically classified as Malus domestica, are a New Zealand variety belonging to the Rosacea family. The trademarked apple was created from a cross between splendour and gala apples in the late 20th century and was one of several apples to be released in a Pacific apple series. All the varieties found in the branded Pacific series, including Pacific Beauty, also known as Sciearly, and Pacific Queen, also known as Scireed, were developed from the same parentage cross of gala and splendour. 

Pacific Rose™ apples are grown in both the southern and northern hemispheres, allowing for year-round production, and the apples are favored among consumers for their sweet flavoring, low acidity, distinct coloring, and extended storage capabilities. Pacific Rose™ apples are typically consumed as a dessert cultivar, eaten straight, out of hand, or they are incorporated fresh into culinary preparations for their sweet flavor and crisp nature.


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