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    Jackfruit Peeled - Malaysia (500 gm)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia

Packing Specs: 500 gm pack (peeled & cut)

Product Description:

Jackfruit is both the name of the fruit and of the tree it grows on. Young Jackfruit has a crisp, crunchy texture whereas more mature fruit may be firm or much softer and almost custard-like. They have a sweet taste with a flavor profile of bananas, pineapple and even bubblegum. As the fruit matures, the bulbs become a darker orange-yellow and the taste gets sweeter. This product comes with jackfruit already cut, peeled and ready to eat!


At YayaPapaya, our packers painstakingly survey each fruit individually so you get only the best, quality fruit. No scrubs allowed.
May the Fruits be with You.