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    Blueberries Carton (125gm x 12 punnets) - South Africa/Peru/Argentina

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Country of Origin: Chile

Packing Specs: 1.5 kg (12 punnets)

Product Description:

Blueberries are small round berries that are about 5-16 millimeters in diameter. They first appear green, but ripen into a deep shade of dusty blue. The soft, hazy white coating that develops on the skins' surface is a natural waterproofing which helps protect the berries from the sun and other natural elements. Blueberries have a sweet and woodsy flavor with an acidity that can vary depending upon growing conditions. This blueberry carton has a net weight of 1.5 kg which is 12 punnets. Each punnet is 125 gm. 


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