loyalty program

Earn Points With Every Purchase

What is our loyalty program all about?

Shop with us and earn points that can be redeemed for flat discounts off your order! It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers!

How does it work?

Start by registering an account here. All purchases made under a registered account will be rewarded with redemption points. You get 1 point per dollar spent with us. Points are automatically accrued and stored in your account every time you buy something. E.g If you spend $50, you’ll get 50 points

Points have no expiration date, every point earned is yours for life!

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for hefty discounts! We’re currently offering a redemption rate of $3 for every 100 points. (Get $3 off your checkout total for every 100 points redeemed)

There are no limits to how many points you can redeem at once. E.g. You can use 1000 points and get $30 off a single order



Everyone and anyone! There are no restrictions to who can participate. Simply register an account here and start buying stuff! You’ll get your points credited accordingly. You can redeem those points any time you see fit. 

You have to first register an account with us. You can register one here.

Once registered, ensure you’re logged in and just start shopping. Once done, proceed to checkout and pay for your items accordingly. Your account will then accrue the points automatically. You’ll get 1 point for each dollar spent. So if your checkout total was $83.50, you’ll get 83 points. 

When it comes to earning points, there is no extra action needed from you other than doing a normal checkout. The system calculates and credits the points to you automatically on the day of delivery.

NOTE: The points will only be awarded on your selected date of delivery, NOT immediately at checkout.

These points are stored in your account permanently (no expiry date) till you decide to redeem them. 

Points are awarded on the day of delivery not at checkout. You will receive your points within 24 hours upon successful delivery. Check back again when you’ve received your fruits.  

You earn 1 point for every full dollar spent with us. Points are calculated based on the final net total (after all discounts are factored in).


  • Your original total is $80.
  • You use a voucher code to get a 10% discount.
  • Your final net total is $72 (after 10% discount).
  • You’ll be credited 72 points after checking out. 

Points are calculated based on the final net total (after all discounts are factored in). Note, if you have a voucher that reduces the total to 0 then you will earn 0 points for that transaction. 


  • Your original total is $45.
  • You use a voucher code to get a flat $45 discount.
  • Your final net total is $0 (after the $45 discount).
  • You’ll be credited 0 points after checking out. 

Your point balance is stated on your account page. You can access it here. You need to sign in to view it. 

You can access your account page anytime by clicking on the small human shaped icon on the top right (next to the cart symbol). 

Scroll down to the last tab labelled “YOUR REWARD POINTS” and click on it to view your point balance. It will show all your point related transactions (both earning and spending).

You get $3 off your order for every 100 points. There is no limit to how many points you can redeem at once. It’s possible to save your points and redeem them all at once to pay $0 on a single order. 


  • You have accrued 1500 reward points.
  • Your cart total is $45.
  • You redeem all 1500 points for a $45 discount. (Exchange rate of $3 per 100 points)
  • Your final net total is $0.

You redeem your points directly at checkout. Look for the “redeem points” field, it’s located on the bottom right, just below the order comments section. 

Simply input the no of points you’d like to redeem and press “Redeem”, the discount will be applied immediately. Your cart total should reflect this new amount. You get $3 off per 100 points.  

How to Redeem Your Points:

  1. Locate the redeem points field at the checkout page (bottom right just below the comments section)
  2. Input no of points you’d like to redeem and press “Redeem”. (rate is $3 off per 100 points)
  3. The discount should now be applied. Check your cart total, it should update to reflect this new amount

No, all points earned are permanent. They will not expire.

The only way you can lose points is by using them or by deleting your entire account.

Are you logged in to your account? Points are only credited for purchases made under a registered account. You need to register and be logged in before the system can give points to you. Guest checkouts don’t receive any points. 

Do you have enough points in your account? Double check your point balance here. Ensure that you have enough for the amount that you’re trying to redeem.

If you’ve done both of the above and are still having problems, call us at 6774 3387 and we’ll get you sorted.